Sewing Hope

Who could have known that a friendly visit by a Bonnie Larrison_Anderson, a friend of a ministry partner to the Hope Anew Child Friendly Space (HACFS) last year, would lead to the launching of our newest ministry: Sewing Hope. Bonnie is a nurse who lives in the west coast of the US; she was visiting in Kenya last year and was encouraged to visit HACFS. After returning home, she contacted Hope Anew to inquire about beginning an outreach to women by teaching them to sew; we asked her if she would consider working with youth instead since they are our ministry focus. After taking time to seek the Lord, Bonnie came back to us to say “yes”, and then began to raise funds to purchase material and sewing machines. She returned to Kenya in September and after meeting with her and receiving reports on how the Lord had provided for the sewing outreach, “Sewing Hope” was born!


“My prayer is that I am sowing hope in these young ladies lives with the Sewing Hope program. Each class includes a short time of prayer and sharing from the word of God as well as instruction in sewing skills.” ~Quote from Bonnie
2014-09-27 16.31.36
“One of the long term goals of Hope Anew is to teach vocational skills to youth. I had no idea of this last year when the seed was planted for the sewing classes. It is so fun to be a part of an answer to prayer and to partner with this great team of people.” ~Quote from Bonnie

bonnie with sewing machine






dental pic2
Little Ivy (not her real name) is a cheerful girl; she is seven years old and a first grade student at one of the schools located in one of the slums near Mukuru Kayaba. Her school visits HACFS to play games, use the resource centre and sometimes watch child friendly movies and cartoons at HACFS entertainment centre. Ivy lives with her mother and father in the slum; her parents are self-employed. She loves school; maths is her favourite subject. Ivy has had a problem of late, it has been difficult to eat sometime even sleep, her teeth hurt a lot when she eats and feels uncomfortable when she drinks water due to the sensitivity. It is challenging to see a dentist because that means money for dental fees and money is in short supply. Her parents have to juggle the meagre income they earn and decide between paying rent for the little shack in the slum to putting food on the table.


Visit With the Dentist Anyone?



Not long ago, HACFS staff received a request from our partners, Least of these Ministry, to host a volunteer dentist from the US on September 18th. The dentist was willing to provide free dental screening and service to needy children. HACFS staff invited several schools in the slum to bring any of their pupils who needed dental care.





Ivy’s school selected 21 children and brought them to HACFS to see the dentist. After the initial screening, eight needed tooth extractions. Ivy’s teeth were in very bad condition such that four of her teeth needed to be extracted. The removal of the painful teeth has brought Ivy welcome relief! She will now be able to eat and sleep without pain. This will also help her concentrate better in school and not miss classes due to toothache. It is delightful to know that her teeth will grow back and she will regain her beautiful yet painless smile. Her parents are grateful that not only will their daughter not be suffering toothaches, but the free dental service their daughter received at HACFS means they did not have to toil long and hard to raise the$30 needed for the removal of her teeth. This is a lot of money for a struggling family in the slum.