Growing Little By Little

Small Blessings

On any given day at the Hope Anew Child Friendly Space, you may find a touching sight.  You will see Edwin, one of our activity co-ordinators, walking hand in hand with a pre-schooler or two, who have attached themselves to him.  As they stroll around the recreation area together, the youngsters giggle and skip happily with their tall hero; they just seem to be drawn to him. During Hope Club, the teaching is often interrupted by the little ones because of frequent trips outside, fighting over chairs, moving around chairs, crying, etc.  A few weeks ago, Edwin approached me and asked if he could create a class for the preschoolers.  This request has given birth to a new club called Baraka Ndongo (Small Blessings).  Each Saturday during Hope Club Baraka Ndongo group gathers together to play games, sing, hear a short Bible lesson and learn a memory verse and work on a craft.

2014-06-12 09.35.06

Edwin and Irene taking a stroll around the center.

2014-06-14 16.21.27 2014-06-14 16.21.16

2014-06-14 16.20.44

Edwin with Small Blessings group; they are learning about Creation.


2014-06-14 16.22.41

Maureen with Small Blessings Club members.


2014-06-07 16.26.25

The youth group meeting together to watch a movie that they will discuss in another meeting.

Youth Group

Meanwhile, Christopher has begun ministering to the group of youth ranging in age from 13 to 16.  We are also very excited about this development because this age group is very vulnerable of the changes that are taking place in their lives as they transition from child hood to young adults.  It is our desire to reach out to them and provide them with opportunitities to hear and respond to the Gospel, receive counseling, take part in recreational activities and learn new skills.


Explorer’s Club

We have also begun Explorer’s Club which is a discipleship program for those children who are interested in having a more in depth time of learning God’s Word.  We are using materials that are produced by The Mailbox Club.  We meet once a week on Saturdays where we go over the lesson, answer discussion questions, pray and children work on the puzzles contained in their book.   2014-05-21 15.36.47 After the lesson,


Kimberly corrects the answers and writes encouraging notes and rewards the children with stickers.

A faithful attendee of Explorer’s Club.

Discovering God’s Creation in Hope Club

Recently in Hope Club, we took some time to learn interesting facts about butterflies, such as the fact they have tastebuds on their feet in order to taste the leaves before they lay eggs on them! Afterwards, the children worked on a butterfly scratch art craft that was donated by a friend of our ministry.  They were really delighted to design their own butterflies.

2014-05-31 17.06.45

We were surprised to see this little boy attend Hope Club. The first time we saw him was when we took the photograph of him in the picture below.


We do not know his name, but we were delighted to see this little one again. When this picture was taken in 2012, we could not have imagined that we would see him again and at Hope Club no less!


2014-05-31 17.04.09

Creativity abounds!

2014-06-13 13.57.12

Dakota and Irene (daughter of one of our staff) are enjoying a snack together.


 Welcoming Dakota!

For the month of June we have been pleased to welcome a young man by the name of Dakota Sams from Delaware, USA; he came to volunteer with Hope Anew. It is especially encouraging for us to reflect on the fact that Dakota used to attend Kimberly’s children’s church class at Grace Evangelical Free Church in Newark, Delaware, in his elementary years.  Who could have ever have known that all of us would meet together again in Nairobi, Kenya!

Dakota and Chris painting a new gate for one of the offices.

Dakota has been assisting Mark with various projects around the center and practicing Swahili with the staff and children.

Good Shepherd ABS

This fine group is our Adult Bible Study group at Good Shepherd church in Nairobi. Every few months we have a “Swallowship” which is a potluck meal gathering for fellowship with each other. The Kamaus hosted the event on this occasion.