Our Mission and Vision

Kimberly counseling a teen for salvation


Hope Anew Ministry seeks to advance the Kingdom of God through:

  • Educating children, youth and college & career young adults about the glorious works of God and His power to liberate from sin and hopelessness.
  • Encouraging them to become mature disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Equipping them with life skills to enable them to accomplish the purposes for which they were created, and fulfill the will of God in their generation.


At Hope Anew Ministry we are dedicated to promoting the truth of the Word of God to younger generations and setting them on the path to a right relationship with God through:

  • Providing opportunities for children and youth to learn about the mighty works of God and His Son Jesus Christ. This is done through Camp Nasaru, a Christian camp and retreat centre, Bible clubs and other creative outreach activities.
  • Encouraging hope and trust in God’s purpose for each participant’s life through evangelism, discipleship and life skills training.
  • Facilitating programs to aid children and youth in discovering their God-given talents and abilities through various events held at Camp Nasaru.