Sponsor a Child to Camp

Some of the children we minister to, are born and raised in one of the slums of Nairobi. Often, after they are done with school or drop out, they marry and start families of their own and the whole cycle continues. Some due to hopelessness, end up drawn to lives of crime or prostitution and die young without knowledge of Him who loved them and gave his life for them. Engaging these children at a young age and providing opportunities to learn about the hope that Jesus Christ gives in a fun-filled child friendly space is crucial at this time in their lives.

Research has found out that many people who became Christians had their first encounter with Christ at a young age. Our ministry desires to provide a holistic Christian camp experience where children from the city slums can come to a pleasant natural environment where there is beauty and order, from the buildings, landscape and recreational fields. 

A place that exudes an ambience of God’s beauty in creation,  far removed from the constant chaos, noise, smells, muck and garbage strewn everywhere in the slum. A place away from their daily activities, a camp setting provides an opportunity for them to be fully immersed in a community where they can learn God’s Word, form new friendships, develop their character, be introduced to spiritual disciplines, and observe and interact with godly role models outside of their normal environment.   It is our hope that such an experience will have a deeper and life changing impact in their lives and they will have an encounter with Christ, the only One who can give them life in all its abundance for for eternity. 

Please consider sponsoring one or more of these children to attend Camp Nasaru during the school holidays in April, August or December. Here is the link that will enable you to give online: https://app.aplos.com/aws/give/GlobalGraceFellowship/3290.3