Support this work

Donations to Hope Anew Ministries can be made through Global Grace Fellowship, which is the mission sending agency for Francis and Kimberly Kamau. 
How to give:
To give online:
Visit this link:
This link will take you to the “Donations” page for Global Grace Fellowship (formerly Go Ye Fellowship); fill out your name and address and then under the “Areas of Giving” choose “Projects” in the pull down box and another pull down screen box will appear. Choose “Kenya-Hope Anew Project -190004”  or if giving towards the Camp Nasaru fund, “Hope Anew Camp Nasarue Bldg project- 190005″and then follow the rest of the instructions on the page.
To donate funds for the Kamaus as missionary family at Hope Anew, choose “Missionaries & Staff” and then choose the name of the missionaries to whom you are giving.  Account numbers are below:
Hope Anew Kenya Project– 190004
Hope Anew Camp Nasaru Bldg Project–190005
Kamau, Francis & Kimberly – 190001.
 To donate by check:
Make check payable to “Global Grace Fellowship” and designate your gift to the area in which you are interested.
Mail to:

Global Grace Fellowship

PO Box 539

Monrovia, CA 91017-0539

To donate by credit card or electronic check, or through your bank’s Bill Pay system:
Call Global Grace Fellowship at (626) 386-5493  
Thank you for your interest and gift!