Meet the Staff












Francis and Kimberly Kamau, as missionaries with Go YeFellowship, began Hope Anew Ministries in 2012.  Francis is the Director and Kimberly is the Leader of the evangelism and discipleship programs.

Francis & Kimberly met in Moscow, Russia in 1992 while each of them were involved in missions.  Kimberly is from Wilmington, Delaware and Francis was born and raised in Kenya.  They lived and worked in the United States for several years until they joined an orphan rescue team in Zambia, where they remained for six years.  They transitioned from Zambia into Kenya in 2012.












Kelvin is the Security Coordinator at the Hope Anew Child Friendly Space and teaches in the Hope Club ministry (HACFS); Rose manages Housekeeping; Edwin and Chris are the Activity Coordinators, and provide activities and supervision of the children when they visit HACFS.  Edwin teaches in the Small Blessings under six ministry and Chris teaches in the Luke 2:52 Youth teen group.


The Maisonville Family from L to R: Kris, Mark & Maureen













The Maisonvilles are also missionaries with Go Ye Fellowship.  They are from Michigan and arrived in Kenya in 2014 to join the ministry of Hope Anew.  Mark is the Vocational skills & Maintenance Leader and Maureen is the Leader of our Academic programs.  Their son Kris is a gifted artist and assists in Hope Club and the arts & crafts ministries.